Our motto is simple : We only sale what we get ourselves.

* Hence we can prove its date, place and context of obtention.

* A certificate of authenticity is provided with all our autographs.

* We try our best to capture the moment and the signature with pictures and / or videos. Those proofs are added to our ads when they are available and we invite you to check our YouTube channel.

* We think it's now impossible to determinate if an autograph is authentic if it was not obtained in person like we do.

Indeed, by its definition an autograph is unique and the modern autograph is often signed in tough conditions like Premieres, and the signature tends to vary from a moment to another.

* Consequently, we do not certify nor buy any autograph.

If you have any question or want some infos you can contact us on allautographes@hotmail.fr or use the contact page through the website.