Welcome on the new version of our website that has been opened since January 2010.

Our passion for 15 years now gave us the opportunity to meet thousands of celebrities and this website will give you a glimpse of it.

Our website has two main goals :

- To give the opportunity to the greatest number of people to obtain or offer an authentic autograph, signed by the artist himself on a high quality photo paper.

- But also to give us the opportunity to keep living our passion because we are above all collectors.

Absolutely every autograph for sale here has been obtained by us and directly from the celebrities. A few have also been obtained during private signings. By definition an autograph is unique and so we can tell you when, where and how it was obtained. A certificate of authenticity is provided with the autograph. Hence, we do not buy any autographs.

Our autographs are mainly obtained on 8x10 pictures but also on some other items like vinyls. Each photo is printed on a high quality photo paper from a specialist company. We care about having great quality items because it really adds value to the autograph.

Each kind of item and its size are indicated in the add. You will also find on many autographs a photo proof that was taken when the celebrity signed for us, or a video of the signing because we try and do that as much as we can, depending on the context.

The vast majority of autographs that you will find on Internet, notably and above all on platforms like Ebay, Rakuten or Amazon, are fake and not signed by the artist himself.

Indeed, there are two types of "wrong" sellers :

- The honest ones who think they are selling authentics autographs because they sent the celebrity a letter to his agency or private home and got a response in their mail. So they innocently don't know that many of them celebrities do not answer personally to their mail but they have someone else to do it for them. For example and to name only very famous ones, Alain Delon, Gérard Depardieu, Catherine Deneuve or Jean-Paul Belmondo have never personally signed a picture received by the mail. Let's not even begin talking about international celebs as Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and the thousands of others who do not have the time and schedule for a daily signing session.

- And the real forger, who will print pictures (usually small ones because it's cheaper) and will make some scribble, attempting to imitate (or not) the signature of the celebrity. That kind of forger is all over the internet for the simplest reason : they have nothing to lose and don't have to worry. Ebay nor any other platforms never removed an evidently fake autograph for their website. So it is easy money, without any risk and that explains why you will find many fakes on the market.

Furthermore, don't get mistaken, when you see autographs from people like Jack Nicholson or Madonna, on sale for 10, 15 or even 50€... there is absolutely no chance for it to be authentic.