Who are we ?


I am Randy, a 33 years old parisian with a master 1 degree in business law. I've collected an incredible amount of autograph from celebrities of any field, that I have met in person all around the globe. I started as a collector in 2004 and I still collect. I usually keep one autograph (okay, sometimes more...) from every celebrity I meet. I'm interested in everything but I do have a preference for cinema and sport (of course I like music, but it's becoming harder and harder to collect in this area).

This hobby, that became my full-time job, takes me to several festivals each year from Cannes to Deauville or Berlin and Marrakech, Monte-Carlo, you name it...  I like to travel to America as often as possible. Los Angeles and New York City are my main destinations. However, my home town Paris, France is where most of the action takes place. Some collect comics, others stamps, I am an autograph collector.

I am being helped everyday by my girlfriend, who is 28 years old and has been living in Paris since 2013. She has a part-time job in the afternoon, and she works with me in the morning and at night. So we consider it her job, too (she likes to insist on that).

We have a regular worker, who has a job on the side but finishes early and is able to come and work from the afternoon until late at night... (sometimes, really late !)

And we have casual workers for some special occasions.


Why this site ?


Passion is my only job, my one and only and I live by it.

I am a fully registered merchant, and Passion is my only income.

Passion is my commitment. My commitment is my site.



How do we get our autographs ?


Secrets must be kept... But you all know it's about movie Premieres, hotels, restaurants, playhouses, concert places, TV, radio stations... We are all over the place, seven days a week, 4 weeks a month and twelve months a year… did I mention the 24/7 ?

What about delivery schedule ?


Packages are being sent within 24 hours following the payment of the order. ALWAYS with a tracking number being sent by email.

Monthly update

We try our best to update the website every last week end of each month, adding all the autographs we got during the previous weeks. At certain periods it is hard to be on time because of all the events in Paris, and the update represents a lot of work too, that can only be done with a computer and a scanner, from home…

The monthly updates is available in the “New products” category. It is arranged alphabetically and you can see photo proofs for many autographs. You will also find video proofs for some items.
Indeed, we try our best to take pictures or videos but it is sometimes really complicated, depending on the context.

You can be notified of that monthly update by subscribing to our newsletter.

Important Warning


The modern autograph, the ones from nowadays, as you may notice, might differ in many ways from one picture to another, celebrities of today might write their itinials instead of a complete signature making it easy to copy for bootlegers and fakes, false autographs may be widely found on shopping sites such as Ebay (see FBI case) or Priceminister that shelter liars to make a profit.

Of course there is a fair amount of honest and serious autograph sellers around, but a large majority sells fakes, imitations, inventions, pre-printed, or sent by mail autographs usually signed by assistants and not by the celebrity, for example Johnny Hallyday, Gérard Depardieu or Alain Delon have never signed a sent-by-mail autographs in their entire carrer.

I believe, that in a majority of cases, it is impossible for any seller to tell or prove the authenticity of any autograph if not obtained in person, like I do.    


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